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QCo presenting at 2023 IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies Conference & Exposition in San Diego on April 12 at 2:45 pm at the Smart City Smart Utility Connect Stage.

QCo presented on January 29, 2021 to the electric utility industry on the subject of grid-interactive efficient buildings -- focusing on recent field experience, M&V, and the need for better carbon emissions metrics.  The webcast was sponsored by the EPRI Advanced Buildings Research Program.

QCo presented on February 19 and February 20, 2020 to the IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technology Conference in Washington D.C. -- focusing on grid-interactive efficient buildings and the associated M&V and commercialization challenges.


Sep 2020:  NREL contracts with QCo to demonstrate innovative building energy modeling and model predictive control algorithm.


2019:  Solar Energy Technology Office of the U.S. Department of Energy awarded QCo a Phase II STTR grant for $1M+ to extend EMeister MPC to address the NY Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and the NYC Local Law 97.

QCo collaborates with the Rocky Mountain Institute on a case study to demonstrate the use of building thermal mass to achieve 30% peak demand reduction, while also reducing energy use, energy expense, and carbon.


QCo presenting at IEEE Green Technologies Conference in Denver on April 19 at 2:05 pm on Industry Panel 3 -- Harnessing Grid Edge Resources via Grid-Interactive Smart Building Control.

Carbon leadership

Local Law 97

QCo submits comments to NYC Department of Buildings regarding LL97, advocating for hourly marginal carbon emission rates.  November 2022.

QCo selected as a 2015 finalist by Ocean Exchange -- seeking innovative, proactive and globally scalable solutions that support sustainability and that can leap across industries, economies and cultures.

QCo sponsored Climate Investing: Transition to a Low Carbon World in September 2015. “Climate change is one of the most defining issues of our time. This conference brings together scientists, business executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and activists from the U.S., Europe, and Asia to discuss the many facets and complexities of climate investing.”

This was the first step towards the global carbon reduction workshop of CEOs from major oil companies and investment banks at the Vatican that occurred in June 2018.

QCo collaborated with the Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), proposing to the State of New York that the key to GHG reduction is improved carbon metrics.  E2 is a national community of business leaders who promote sound environmental policy that builds economic prosperity.


QCo is a member of the New York Building Congress, its Energy and Sustainability Committee, and its Council on Innovation and Best Practices.

QCo co-founders donate large rooftop PV system

White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy and Cardinal Blasé Cupich picked Old St. Mary’s School solar PV installation as venue to announce sustainability initiative by the Archdiocese of Chicago.  McCarthy declared it is “answering the Pope’s call”.


QCo proposes hourly carbon emission rate methodology for large commercial buildings in New York City based on technical analysis of NYISO 2019 operations.


QCo submits comments to NY State regarding the CLCPA Draft Scoping Plan, advocating to reduce Queens fossil-fueled baseload generation operation by adopting hourly marginal carbon emission rates for LL97.  July 2022.

QCo submits comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Docket RM-21-17-000 Building for the Future Through Electric Regional Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation and Generator Interconnection, advocating for grid-interactive buildings and photovoltaics.  August 2022.

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