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The larger QCo team

QCo acknowledges the significant contributions of QCo Team colleagues -- both Professors and Graduate Students -- at the University of Colorado Boulder, Pennsylvania State University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Syracuse University.

Gregor P. Henze, Ph.D., P.E

Gregory S. Pavlak, Ph.D.

William Hederman

Behzad Salimian Rizi

Andrew Klavekoske

Logan Cole

This QCo Team recently completed several important EMeister MPC upgrades focused on large commercial buildings in New York City and pursuant to a grant from the Solar Energy Technology Office of the U.S. Department of Energy:

  • Relieve the ConEd T&D system during peak periods, consistent with the ConEd Non-Wires Alternative Program ("ConEd Non-Wires").

  • Manage energy price/volume risk for a building, for a portfolio of buildings, for a city.

  • Adapt to Covid-related occupancy dynamics.

  • Create rapid and low cost scale, coordination, optimization, and reliability for grid-scale performance by portfolios of large commercial buildings, in these five important New York City goals.

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