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What we do better

The thermal energy storage harnessed by EMeister MPC outperforms other forms of thermal or electric storage, in several dimensions:
  • Dramatically lower deployment and operating expense – no capital expense because the thermal energy storage medium (drywall, concrete, furniture) already exists.

  • Better efficiency at the site, more at the source – at the site, by extending operation of the best chillers to the more efficient low lift conditions that prevail pre-occupancy and by “economically dispatching” all chillers under the high lift conditions that prevail during the day; at the source, by both reducing and shifting electric production to more efficient and cleaner pre-occupancy generation and, at scale, by reducing generating unit commitment.


  • ​​​​​​Infinite cycles with no degradation in performance – building thermal mass does not wear out.

  • Improved comfort – EMeister MPC operating strategies inherently maintain and improve tenant comfort.

  • Accelerated payback on energy efficiency operating and capital investments – EMeister MPC leverages other energy efficiency investments, often doubling the payback.  EMeister MPC simulations provide decision-makers with actionable operating insight and investment foresight.

  • Strategically located, locally scalable – no space, no zoning or codes, in the heart of the grid-congested urban core where it can best serve local and regional grid purposes.​

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