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EMeister MPC

A SaaS platform that combines breakthroughs in building energy modeling, optimization algorithms, and measurement & verification to harness the drywall and concrete in large commercial buildings as a high efficiency grid-scale thermal energy storage medium ... achieving large HVAC energy (20%), carbon (20%+) and expense (30%) savings, especially in LEED-certified buildings.

EMeister Model Predictive Control (MPC) manages building thermal mass and thermal load profiles …

  • Reducing energy, emissions and expense, especially in important electric grid hours.

  • More efficiently loading and sequencing HVAC systems, especially chillers, both electric & steam.

  • ​Complementing and doubling the ROI on efficiency capex – VFDs, DCV, CWTR.

EMeister MPC recommends daily strategies for HVAC operations -- informed by forecasts of hourly weather, electric prices, carbon emission rates, and building occupancy.

A multi-objective optimization algorithm recommends an operating strategy in advance of each day – comprised of hourly zone temperature setpoints – and executes that  strategy through an asynchronous, cyber-secure connection to the existing building automation system.

EMeister MPC goes beyond expense reduction ... with features that target carbon emission reduction, support demand response participation, coordinate building portfolios, adapt to occupancy dynamics, and manage financial risk.

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