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What We Do

QCo harnesses a building's inherent thermal mass to drive 15-30% electricity savings and deliver significant MW storage capacity to grid operators all without any capital expense or sacrifice to tenant comfort.

QCo’s Foresight EMeister is the CPU that automates large commercial building operation in emerging grid operations & markets and against the simplest to the most sophisticated electric rates … for dramatic reductions in energy use, expense, and emissions.

At the core, EMeister is a SaaS platform that combines breakthroughs in building energy modeling and model predictive control to harness the drywall and concrete in large commercial buildings as a grid-scale thermal energy storage medium.  QCo storage outperforms all other forms of energy storage … better efficiency, no capital expense, no space requirement, no equipment, and no permitting.

The objective, building/grid integration, is a large, untapped financial opportunity – and a more effective, lower cost, and faster route to reducing carbon.

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