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An experienced, multi-disciplinary team

  • building technology and model predictive control

  • electric system markets and operations

  • energy regulation and policy

  • cybersecurity

Gregory S. Pavlak, PhD.
Lead Scientist

Gregory Pavlak is Assistant Professor of architectural engineering in the College of Engineering at the Penn State University.  His research interests focus on increasing the intelligence and autonomy of building energy systems and generation technologies.  His past research accomplishments include optimizing commercial building participation in energy and ancillary service markets, optimal control of commercial building thermal mass portfolios, an energy signal tool for decision support in building energy systems, and Bayesian calibration of inverse gray-box building model parameters.

Prior to his position at Penn State, he was a visiting assistant professor of engineering at Hope College in Michigan and the lead scientist for QCoefficient Inc., a smart grid engine that integrates HVAC operations in commercial buildings with electric grid operations and markets.

Pavlak received his doctorate in architectural engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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