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EMeister Performance Requirements and Building Survey Form

Ideal Building


A large commercial building -- typically larger than 200,000 square feet -- with a central HVAC system, direct digital control (DDC) to the zone level, unoccupied hours with temperature  flexibility, variable air volume (VAV) air distribution, and a modern building automation system (BAS).

Technical Requirements

  • DDC enables EMeister to control zone temperatures.  To perform effectively in large buildings with central HVAC systems, EMeister needs to control at least 20-30% of the conditioned space through DDC.

  • Unoccupied hour temperature flexibility, for example, office buildings, public buildings, or shopping malls with unoccupied hours.  Mixed use buildings or campuses are also good candidates, provided again that 20-30% of the total building space has unoccupied hours, DDC to the zone level, and some occupied hour flexibility, for example, a comfort range of 71-74F.

  • VAV flexibility and efficiency complement a precooling strategy; constant air volume does not.

  • Modern BAS for ease of communication and programming. The system should accommodate a Niagara JACE interface directly or through the BACnet protocol.


To facilitate preparation of an annual energy and expense savings estimate, please download and fill out a brief survey on your PC (not in Chrome).  

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